Commuter X4 Fibre Optic Rear Light


Powerful LED main light

5-mode red LED rear light with 5 operating modes.

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Commuter X4 Fibre Optic Rear Light

A revolutionary new personal illumination system exclusively from Oxford, the Commuter X4 Fibre Optic Rear Light is primarily designed as a rider-worn cycle rear light but is also ideal for joggers, horse riders etc.

Wear over clothing or over a backpack

The unique adaptable fitting system means that the rear light can be worn over a jersey, jacket or a backpack, without the slippage and mis-directed light that can occur with normal clip-on lights and backpacks

The light will fit backpacks up to 35 litres.
Powerful LED main light.
Five mode red LED rear light with 5 operating modes, giving up to 70 lumens output.
Fibre-Optic strap lights.

The strap system is also illuminated with fibre optic lights, giving a unique large area of illumination. Strap lights feature 3 modes of illumination.
Wide Visibility
With the main light and fibre optic straps, visibility is clear from both the rear and the sides. This make the Commuter X4 perfect for busy city riding. Also for long distance visibility when you choose to take the scenic route home - or commute along country lanes.

USB Rechargeable

Ideal for commuting and charging at home or in the office, the light recharges its lithium polymer battery via USB port
Up to 20 Hour Run Time
Fully charged, dependant on light mode and brightness setting, the light will run from 3.5 hours to 20 hours