M Wave alberta 40Litre waterproof panniers


M Wave alberta panniers

Waterproof panniers. Rixen & Kaul fits tubes of carrier from 5-12 mm.

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M Wave alberta 40Litre waterproof panniers

• Waterproof panniers

• Rixen & Kaul fittings

• Suitable for racks with tubing 5 – 12mm thick

• Waterproof fold over tops

• Each pannier 20 litre capacity

• Carry handle for off-bike use

Stable RIXEN & KAUL® CLIP-ON bracket for (de-)mounting within seconds on tubes of carrier from 5-12 mm
Additional mounting option on the side bars of the carrier, volume approx. 2x20 litres
additional protection by top cover, clip fixing possibility for duffle, black
Color: black


  1. Viewtiful Jim

    I bought a pair of these almost 1 year ago, they are the best Waterproof panniers I have ever used.

    They are incredibly durable, I use them every day and have been for over 10 months, frequently mounting and dismounting them, filling them with all sorts of luggage, tools and foods.

    When I first purchased these I cycled my way from Dublin to Edinburgh, England, across France, over the Pyrenees mountains then into Spain, crossing Italy to Croatia and Montenegro, through the Bosnian mountains all the way to Slovenia – totalling 5200km of cycling over every terrain imaginable, through blistering heat and snowy mountains below freezing. I have been through many extremely heavy rains and , they have never once leaked in or out. I’m still travelling and continue to use them, I expect they will last me many more years.

    So, in short, no matter where you intend to go, I for one can say that these panniers will never let you down.

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