Oxford  14 U Duo 320mm

Heavy duty contruction
Carry bracket-3 Keys
Includes security cable 1.2m x 12mm

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OXFORD SHACKLE 14 U Duo Lock (320MM)


OXFORD SHACKLE 14 U Duo Lock fulfils the three most important requirements of a quality D-Lock:

Highly secure: it comfortably surpasses Sold Secure's 'Gold' standard by using a 14mm special hardened steel shackle and body mated to a simple but powerful locking mechanism with 3 replaceable keys.
Easy to transport: Oxford devised a unique quick-release carry bracket which is both sturdy and super-easy to fit to a huge range of frame and seat post sizes.
Reliable: a top quality pre-oiled locking mechanism is protected by a rubber over-moulded body to cope with the tough outdoor life that locks endure.


The lock is 320mm in length and is a good compromise for general use.
Vinyl coated to protect bicycle paintwork
Special hardened steel 14mm shackle
Heavy duty contruction
Made to the Oxford design and specification in China from high quality materials
Actual Length: 320mm approx.
Actual Width: 178mm approx.
Unique carry bracket
3 Keys
Includes security cable 1.2m x 12mm

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